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same, but also a little more certainty of success,cheap coach bags, regardless of whether some of the points appears to be minimal,Coach Outlet Store, but in order to succeed on the old drugs out there is better than no good. For this and other
Xiao Yan some crazy behavior, small medical cents person is helpless, Xiao Yan followed for so many years, she was also aware of Xiao Yan in order to save his teacher put a little effort, ‘Now everything is in place, he is naturally even less dare to have the slightest relaxation.
been infected Xiao Yan, a small medical cents winter fire Venerable shipped out period is rare, they understand the importance of this action Xiao-yan,Coach Factory Outlet, so try to upgrade a little strength, beating so have to take on some more .
these people crazy practice,Coach Factory Outlet, but also for the child,Coach Outlet, who was Xuankong some frustration, but they also understand, and therefore specifically told to go, do not let go disturb Hsiao go far, but also sent some maid too full, if Xiao Yan What’s missing alchemy, Danta side, there is the first time that people quickly get past. Xiao Yan and in this and other sleepless nights like retreat, half the time, but also quietly by.
In this half, the Vedanta also had a commotion outside sky Yun is Vedanta, the sudden appearance of a thundercloud, and that thundercloud, the faint hint of color with two impressively but also a two-color Danlei, look at this look, it is clear,Coach Outlet Store Online, it seems that within Danta, I do not know what a master of alchemy, refining the eight items immortality.
But just because that’s when they circled the sky 丹雷 surprised, since it is a golden Danta came inside, and then suspended the sky, in numerous road primitives of sunlight received two bi-color 丹雷 a ruthless, then intact body to fall between the flash, the figure is gone.
this scene, who has been no stranger

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did not grab much interest, so youDo not think this thing is able to measure the overall strength Noire domain, so long time to be able to exist around the Canaan Institute,Coach Outlet Online, this piece of land in chaos,Cheap Coach, say it really is not an exaggeration Canglongwohu. ‘Wu Hao Chen Sheng said:’ Even gold and silver is that the old couple’s qualifications, and these really strong compared, that is very different.
Xiao Yan nodded slightly, and now it seems that this really is a hidden field Noire too deep, original, he touches on some rat-inch light day, and even gold and silver they really think that the old couple is among the most Noire domain strong. Of course, today’s Xiao Yan, quite naturally is that fighting is not the king of the strength of the previous two years, and now he is a genuine strong imperial struggle, losing to fight on its hands were strong, and it is not no, Xiao Yan has confidence in his strength now that, if and when the Han Feng fight, to beat him, certainly not Ran as the year in general, need to force the old with the drug.
‘It seems the time has not come back for two years,Coach Factory Outlet, which is surging Noire domain ah …’ will change this year after hearing bong domain Noire said Xiao Yan also sigh a sigh of relief,Coach Bags On Sale, said.
‘You are the light will not want to come back soon to a road.
Xiao Yan touched his nose, laughing: ‘? Some things to look for great elders, and within days the burning hospital tower fall Lianqi heart inflammation, it should be afraid of exhaustible it.’
‘loss you remember this,Coach Outlet Store, as early as six months ago heart inflammation dried up,Coach Outlet Online, if not be dragged magic inflammation Valley get away, I’m afraid that the great elders rushed directly Gama Empire arrest people.’ Xiao Bai Yu Xiao Yan one, said.
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan could not help a little embarrassed.

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strange.’ Xiao Yan smiled and nodded, Road.
Xiao Yan hear the remark, His Holiness is a little wind at ease a lot, since the former dare say so, surely there should be some really grasp. Feng Qing children
aside, it touches Xiao Yan angry remark does not light, Qiaolian homes evil sneer: ‘You can be brave now, that time if I searched out, will let you steal sheep .
Xiao Yan mouth evoke a touch of strange smile, light laugh: & quot; if not searched out, then perhaps Ms. Fung is obtained in this large crowd and I apologize. ‘ Please
phoenix children cold eyes, Lengheng, biting fingers, a drop of bright red blood dripping out
soon floating in their front room exudes a faint promise some bizarre fluorescence.
Xiao Yan glanced at this drop of blood, the blood is bright red color,Coach Outlet, but if it is carefully inspected, then was able to trace from which Qiaochu very light blue, to see this scene, Xiao Yan heart thoughtfully, mysterious Blood,Coach Factory Outlet, in which blue mummy, significantly higher than the Qing Feng rich child to be a lot,Coach Outlet, so it seems,Coach Factory Outlet, the mysterious mummified blood, certainly more polished than this phoenix before children.
phoenix children face extinction if frost, Yu Zhi led the drop of blood out of a mysterious outline different runes, immediately throw one hand, Rune stay on top of his head, Xiao soot, red light is released out of the circle,Coach Outlet, slowly Xiao Yan body give all parcels.
that when the body is enveloped in red light, Xiao Yan is clearly aware of a strange energy, are slowly scanned his body, faint room, with a feeling of being spied upon.
For this, Xiao Yan did not face moving, the heart is a sneer,Coach Outlet Online, he dared Oba
in public let Feng Qing children under search is naturally able to hide live with that old Su Hematospermia confidence & quot.;
red light slowly

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thunder of His Holiness,Tiffany And Co Outlet, today’s scene, thunder Court declined significantly, if he left just fine point, if would be a fight Lei, was forcibly thrown out, it would lose face even wider. Venerable Ray
looking gloomy water, sunlight keeping a close eye Xiao Yan, after a moment, finally,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, teeth and said: ‘! Atta boy, known today, when the shot will respect you beheaded’ Xiao Yan smiled, but This did not bother him a distant afterthought for several years. ‘Go!’
Xiao Yan askew smile, look in the eyes of mine Holiness, my heart is boundless anger broke out, but the situation now, he is aware, with Xiao Yan, a pedestrian is strong enough to be forced to abandon their peaks, so-called Heroes do not eat the immediate loss, the days of strong demon Phoenix family has not arrived, until the time of its own so that the little bastard cry.
forced to fear the heart of anger,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, Ray Venerable a wave, is the face of gloomy piece leading to the front line to the foot of the mountain, followed by a number of wind Lei Gedi child is only going to pick up the tent dejected, like a lost dog generally followed. ‘Xiao Yan, do not get too excited, today, wherever he goes,Tiffany Outlet, the deity did not get back sooner or later Ge!’ Xiao Yan beside the way, the pace of mine Venerable meal,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, awe-inspiring whispered. ‘Always waiting.’ Xiao Yan smiled and said’Winter! -’ Seeing Ray Venerable dough a pumping shoved stormed, and walked away with a pedestrian.
looked at the group of embarrassed retreat wind Lei Gedi child, stars fell Court disciples suddenly burst into cheers sound, then look to the eyes of Xiao Yan, it is more out of respect and awe some promise in their being trampled When the dignity of the latter,Tiffany & Co Outlet, and led them proud, this moment, these stars fell Court first disciples had just felt, if there is

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sonic array, the tone suddenly becomes disordered up. In this disorder among
Mu Qingluan is calm and on, the last ten minutes, then it is step on the top of the hill, so many people, she seems to be the most relaxed nice person, who can direct human soul trauma caused by sound waves, not the slightest effect on her like a general. ‘ Mu Qingluan
see so easily is the line on the top of the hill,So that was a lot of people are stunned down, who have never thought that this sonic array, so easily was able to spend even effortlessly.
‘success, the next one.’ see that easily reach the top of the Mu Qingluan, stone helpless shook his head,Tiffany & Co Outlet, he’d forgotten Rat bite annual wave of attacks, for Mu Qingluan ‘but not much effect, this time, she’d have to take a lot to make clever.
Xiao Yan is also because it easily by Mu Qingluan stunned for a moment, after a long while, just smile soon, look around the sweep of the sweep, the field at the moment, with the success of the Qing Feng debut four children, including Shaw Yan two, there are ten people or so have not shot,Tiffany & Co Outlet, but places it on top, but it is only four. ‘
still yet to see someone out in the field, Xiao Yan Qingtu breath, raised his chin against migraine Nalan sweet, then in many eyes watching,Tiffany & Co Outlet, strode out, followed by the hesitation Nalan sweet a moment later, also followed.
field of vision, rapid convergence in the two body Xiao Yan,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, Peak JL four, also is different emotional sight projection down, Hsiao-yen’s strength for this, it should be in this sonic array,Tiffany Outlet Online, that is capable of resolved out.
‘Xiao Yan juniors, seniors have seen stone.’ Xiao Yan, a Baoquan, Gong Sheng said.
‘Xiao Yan?’ heard the name, but the stone is slightly narrowed eyes, even the fee for the day shots are not successful Qinzhu youth,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, he also has heard, did not

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Xiao Yan heart is a dynamic,Tiffany & Co Outlet, self-dragon slowly stood up on his head, eyes tightly looked nearer silver sheen.
accompanied by close, that silvery also rapid amplification, the sound of thunder rumbling, also shattering Xiao Yan ears rang sky.
‘cries ……’
station in the dragon head, Xiao Yan looked at the scene in front of the eyes among the full shock of color.
appeared in front of Xiao Yan, nearly a little knowledge is a huge ‘lake’, but here, ‘lake’, it was not unusual in the water, but completely flooded by the bright silver Thunder optic ……, This is a real
perimeter formed by the Thunder! Before
stand perimeter, the sound of rumbling thunder giant, constantly being diffused out from the perimeter,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, ‘God so popular tremble,Tiffany & Co Outlet, who stand here, it is particularly small.
‘good strong thunder force ……’
long after, Xiao Yan finally sailed recovered from the shock, etc.,Tiffany And Co Outlet, murmured, the power of thunder within the perimeter of this inherent, far more than the date of the meeting at the Dan drew some kind of丹雷 stronger together.
‘really is at danger, Xiao Yan brother, are you sure you want to practice here?’
black dragon is the engine of the gaze in amazement looking at this vast perimeter, the energy here, even if he is not even are some feel alarmed, but he did not expect this from the East in Long Island is not void place very far,Tiffany & Co Outlet, there is still this and other dangerous place.
Xiao Yan smiled and nodded, with this perimeter, he believes, not only to the days of the trauma suffered by the demon puppet fully restored, and even the rest of the ten demon puppet, but also be able to take the fear and the quiet strength of rapid surge ‘Even to-day is to strengthen the demon puppet state, and alsoIs impossible.
if true to that step,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, then the hands of Xiao Yan, is that

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here forever,Coach Outlet Store Online, and that has been standing in the space of Bodhi trees, suddenly buzzing sound, and soon, this space, which was preached bouts of volatility.
‘space to collapse it.’
see this scene, Xiao Yan Yi Zheng, immediately slightly wrinkled brow, Bodhi trees do not always exist in the world, when Pu Tizi spit it out, is that the earth would be boring again, the rest sound,Coach Factory Outlet, have energy again until after cohesion, had just emerged again, but at that time,Coach Outlet, I’m afraid I do not know what the time was,Coach Outlet Store Online, mutation
space,Coach Factory Outlet, but also so that was all some confusion, that the battle circle is quickly scattered away, the soul of the family who hurried to lift up the soul of jade, then surrounded with family and demon days Phoenix man, his eyes wary look Xiao Yan and the surrounding space.
‘Jade soul brother’ okay? ‘Nine Feng looked a pale jade soul whispered.
soul jade wiped off the mouth of blood,Coach Outlet Store, shook his head slightly, after staring eyes Yinhen Xiao Yan, for a moment, his lips suddenly squirm a bit subtle, the side of the nine-feng stiff stiff body, soon teeth gently nodded.
when their owners moved away, the space is more and more violent shaking, and finally Suddenly, since the space of a crack appeared, a dazzling beam of light, and into the cracks among Baoshe.
‘slightly Cha Cha!’
along with the first crack appears, more and more cracks in the spate of space, just a few minutes to get the time. ‘If you had shares impregnable space is becoming riddled with’ Finally, finally, panic in the crowd eyes burst open.
reckless waste ancient domain depths.
a giant Bodhi trees lonely stands in the center of the original extraction, majestic as the center for its clean air, constantly moving in all directions to spread and open, very spectacular.
not far outside the Bodhi

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in seeing Xiao Yan did not behave panic after just relieved, immediately Perfectionist smile, whispered softly: . ‘It seems daddy’s eye was quite accurate, this guy,Coach Outlet Online, not a light will be opening large lion idiot & quot; but just do not know, he can really help this alchemy dad will complete successfully & quot;.’
(third to one thousandth chapter twenty-four more integration
seven items refining immortality, is a very complicated thing, and this so-called fire Bodhisattva senior Dan is seven items, refining it, it is extremely difficult. above
stone, silver flame burning within drug tripod r, muffled sound constantly Dragons from which came out blazing hot so that was the stone is directly around the space are becoming slightly twisted up, many herbs hovering over the stone, and occasionally is in between Don shock wave, within the drug into the tripod, then one of the nine dragon swallowed the body.
have to say,Coach Factory Outlet, however,Coach Outlet, that the fire is used to refine the Kowloon Lei Gang herbs,Coach Outlet Store, really is extremely convenient, nine dragon like nine narrow type of tripod-like drugs,Coach Outlet Store, these herbs can be perfectly refined, of course, Xiao Yan is also clear that this nine dragon, Tang Zhen eventually control, but the latter for heat and flame grasp approach of taking control of the process has reached a fairly high level, the mind is divided into nine, but it is still not the slightest mistake can can Imagine, if Tang Zhen really have to become pharmacists refining conditions, then surely he accomplished on alchemy, and certainly will not be low. And
Tang Zhen,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan has been some see through, with a keen sense of extraordinary, he could feel the faint between former terrible, but look at it breath, but it is difficult – see the slightest clue, with unfathomable to describe

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bright silver, Xiao Yan is suddenly clenched fist, Mouzhong Hanmang Shanlue.
space ship into a Yinmang, laugh is heard,Coach Bags On Sale, is rushed into silver
iris color,cheap coach bags, then disappear & quot.;
‘in the field, I came Xiao Huan, & quot;’
PS: Today there will be a more 1030th IX Yecheng
here is a huge expanse of stone. Quintana by white stone rock Birds, and especially the people feel surprised that this piece of stone is actually up to nearly one hundred meters, and the support it has reached such a height, a shocking ten root giant pillars underneath!
supporting stone pillars, like Atlas of the column-like. From afar, it is extremely towering spectacular.
this space over the stone,Coach Outlet Online, and other places are very different,Coach Outlet, here it is particularly disorder, that a large space, e !: extremely distorted, even faint dark room there are some cracks spread out. & quot;
this distorted space, will continue to have a silver projection, and each time the emergence of silver, that is will have a lot of shadows – was discharged from the space being,Coach Bags Outlet, then fell on top of the stone beneath. Here is actually a – Chip ‘focus point in space wormhole transfer.
twistOffice space, but also a spear Mans flashing a slim figure since which Shanlue out. Immediately feet in the ‘hut empty tap, sailed fell on top of the stone.
this figure is distorted space spit, then, he is light relief,
is naturally that the city came from the days Huang Xiao Yan, in the Rocky eyes swept around, especially in the day to see this tall units, the eyes also could not help but come to touch surprised.
‘here it is in the domain of ‘What? Really worthy grudge mainland center, just even wormhole Teleport’ atmosphere is so *.’
eyes swept over the stone that busy,Coach Outlet Store Online. Xiao Yan found a lot of refining pharmacists wearing robes of